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 Lee Williams  


802 447 1552

My work reflects on environmental concerns and addresses our (humankind’s) relationship to the natural world as we perceive and interact with it. We ( modern society) have become increasingly disconnected and distanced from nature. Recent projects have explored the relationship and context of objects in the landscape, working with natural and recycled materials.

What do I want to say with my art?

Celebrate the human, the landscape, the temporary marks people make on the world. Treasure the natural world, its vastness, the small scale, the ordinary, the beautiful.

Respect diversity and all living things.

Find beauty in some weather battered and decaying old tree while it still stands.


Originally from the industrial coal mining area of South Wales, UK.

 Lee now lives in Shaftsbury, Vermont. Lee studied at Cardiff School of Art, Wales, UK: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK: Goldsmith University, London, UK and  University of South Wales, Wales, UK

Lee received scholarships to live, work and exhibit in Tuscany, Italy, France, Scotland and Ireland.  Lee has exhibited his work internationally and has undertaken public and private commissions, many on a large scale.  He has also developed many social engaged projects, worked in musuem deucation and has taught in several colleges.

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